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Get the comfort your desire for, wearing clothes from our collection of Men Lowers, Mens T Shirts, Branded Mens T Shirts, Men Sweatshirts, Ladies T-Shirts, etc. ..

Who We Are

There are many people who judge others on the basis of their dressing sense. Leave a lasting impression on them with your amazing fashion sense and to get such trendy clothes, choose the seller, carefully. We, Active N Trendy Casual Wear are one such market company which brings forth amazing collection of casual wear, a range which is trendy and sporty.

Playing our job roles of manufacturer exceptionally well; the people of our company relentlessly work to offer our customers and fashionistas a collection that is the best to be worn for college, get together with friends and for the walks down the market. By wearing our Mens T Shirts, Branded Mens T Shirts, Men Lowers, Men Sweatshirts and many other items, you will feel comfortable without compromising on style. Apart from offering mens collection; we also serve Ladies Nightwear and Ladies T-Shirt that are as fashionable and comfortable as women always desire them to be.

Why Choose Us?

Bulleted below are the reasons due to which our customers prefer us:
  • Unique Designs: Fashion is not only for women, but men also; therefore, we have come up with a range for both men and women including Mens Sweatshirts and Ladies Nightwear to ensure that they both get the best.
  • Fabric: We bring forth our outfits stitched in various fabrics that one can think of. The selection of fabric depends upon the no. of thread count present in it. Higher the thread count, higher the quality of fabric.
  • Packing: Our outfits are available in the convenient and attractive packing that instantly catches end-customers eyes.
Trendiest Styles For All

The key to rock the casual dress is to keep these as minimal and simple as possible. It is because we wear casual to get comfort that we cannot get while wearing formal and party wears. Ladies Nightwear, Mens T Shirts, Branded Mens T Shirts, Mens Lower, etc. that we offer under our brand name norwood are casual, yet trendy and are not solely for the younger generation. People of any age can get one for themselves in any size they want. Our designers ensure that the collection we offer is loose but not baggy so that the wearer feel comfortable, yet look trendy at the same time.

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